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Engaging the opportunities and challenges of family money

Cambium: (n) in trees, the layer of generative cells originating all secondary growth

What We Do

Cambium works with individuals and families on multiple issues that arise with having money. We engage around the core question clients ask: How does money impact my life? How will it impact my children’s lives? How do we live well with this wealth?

Wealth is often dealt with in layers: the first layer is addressed through financial management, tax advising and estate planning. Once these are in place, other layers emerge: the meanings, questions, impact and conflicts of having money.

Cambium builds individualized strategies, practical applications and goal-oriented processes to address these layers and clients’ fundamental questions. We also engage with advisors and families working together on successful outcomes.

We are independent entity focusing entirely on client goals. As such, we are agnostic regarding the various strategies for wealth preservation and philanthropic giving. We do not manage money, offer investment or tax advice or do estate planning.

Where we start: (What Brings People to Cambium?)

Cambium Consulting engages with people regarding questions, issues or conflicts having money brings. We begin with where the client is and what the client brings to us.

Common questions clients ask include:

"How do I talk with children, family and friends about wealth?"
"How to prepare my children to inherit?"
"How do I assure my children will be motivated and engaged?"
"How to put boundaries on spending?"
"How do I help a fractured family manage joint assets?"
"How do I best use the wealth I have?"
"How much is enough?"

Common Life Events or Focal Issues:

At times, life events, developmental milestones or business evolution may thrust family money into the forefront. These events precipitate the need for education, communication, planning and action:

  • Liquidity Events
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Maturing of a Trust or Beneficiary
  • Educating the Next Generation about trusts and inheritance
  • Prenuptial planning
  • Integrating Wealth into a Couple
  • Planning an estate with children of differing needs and capacities
  • Engaging Children in Family Giving
  • Developing Governance Structures

At the core, people engage about how to live well with wealth – in this generation and the next. Decisions rest upon layers of personal meaning, developmental stages, hopes for the next generation, concerns about children, and a desire for money to mean something when one’s life comes to an end. These are the layers Cambium Consulting engages directly with.

We begin our consultations with a Process of Discovery: a thorough, individualized and systematized assessment and evaluation of the core issues. Once the core issues and players are identified, we craft a customized process and/or educational program to address the issues. As each individual and family is unique, each consultation and engagement is specifically designed to meet their goals.

Services for Individuals and families:

  • Intergenerational Family Wealth Education
  • Facilitated Family Conversations
  • Developmental and Life Stage Coaching
  • Couples Values Integration – Prenups, Partnering and Parenting with Wealth
  • Family Gatherings for Education, Action and Change
  • Governance: Evolving Enduring Systems
  • Fostering Family Legacy: Integrating Values and Vision across Generations
  • Personal Side of Estate Planning
  • Money in Action: Building, Giving, and Philanthropy

Services for Professionals:

  • Client Events: Engaging and Educating on topics of Family Wealth
  • Family Dynamics Consultation
  • In-house Seminars
  • Keynote Speaking