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Engaging the opportunities and challenges of family money

Cambium: (n) in trees, the layer of generative cells originating all secondary growth

Cambium Consulting is a multidisciplinary practice specializing in the individual and familial layers of wealth. Our focus is the personal, developmental and intergenerational facets of money. We engage around the core questions clients ask: How does money impact my life? How will it impact my children’s lives? How might it impact the world?

Cambium works with clients and their advisors to build customized strategies and practical applications addressing these fundamental questions.   Our engagements focus on clients discerning, realizing, and acting upon their goals.

Cambium is an independent entity and is agnostic regarding wealth and philanthropic strategies. We do not manage money, offer investment advice, or draft estate plans.


We work with individuals and families on the complexities money can bring. Cambium engages clients in discerning goals and creating enduring outcomes.

What We Do
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We develop individualized strategies for each client and family based upon their unique composition, capacities, values and goals.

How We Work
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We are a multidisciplinary practice integrating our expertise with clients’ needs in order to facilitate growth and change.

Who We Are